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Supported course for engaged parents. Feel empowered to manage challenging mealtimes. Framework for introducing new and different foods.
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Weaning For Beginners

Keep the food you provide for your baby healthy and tasty. You need to know the basics and be consistent and we have all the tips.
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Overwhelmed with what to put on the plate? We have you covered with recipes, ideas & resources. All you need to know about your child’s allergy.




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Nutritional knowledge in parents has been shown to improve health outcomes for children.
with a food allergy
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Milk allergy is the second most prevalent food allergy among children.

sensitive to multiple foods
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30.4% of children with a food allergy are sensitive to multiple foods.
picky eaters
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Up to 22% of children between 3 and 11 are reported as picky eaters.

Angus Milton

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This all started with a desire for every family to have access to reliable nutrition advice when it counts. Working as a clinical nutritionist has given me the tools and the knowledge to help you. I have traveled the world meeting families, working in children’s wards, hospitals and clinics. I am an expert in infant nutrition who believes in giving kids the best start possible in life.

My work at The Oxford Children’s Hospital has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on nutrition problems both large and small. Working with me involves a simple understandable approach to nutrition, no fad diets, tricks or secret moves. We will work towards your goals using a personal plan customized to your needs.

You need a kids nutrition guru who can understand and nurture your family’s eating needs. Look no further than right here. Use the booking feature to set up a free chat or send me a message.

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Our last article is all about solid foods and toddlers… What is a good baby’s first food? Baby Non-verbal cues? Getting set-up for Baby-led weaning?

We answer all these questions and give insightful tips for parents. Check it out now!

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Chicken Kidsadillas

This is a brilliant, tasty recipe that the kids can get involved in making. Even picky eaters will gobble up these crispy, cheesy morsels. Give your niños a boost of calcium and protein today with this quick weeknight meal!

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There are many reasons you might not want to use cow’s milk in child’s diet. Remember cow’s milk or plant milk won’t ever replace breast milk or formula milk for children under 1 year. These alternative milks like oat, soya, hemp or nut milks are safe to use in cooking if your child is over 6 months. Rice milk isn’t recommended until over 5yrs. Don’t panic over your choice of plant milks, we can give you the knowledge and confidence to make the right choice for your little ones.

Protein is an important part of growing up. We find protein in all sorts of different places such as beans, pulses, dairy, nuts, seeds, eggs and meat alternatives (tofu, quorn, seitan). Offer theses foods as part of your family meals at 2-3 mealtimes and you will be doing well. You need a family meal plan which caters to your kids eating quirks, look no further we can give you a road-map to a happy, successful vegetarian meals.

Organic foods are foods grown using only organic products. Choosing organic foods is often more expensive and does not mean foods will have any improved nutritional value. You should have pride in the food you put in your kid’s bellies but not at the expense of your budget. Get in touch with us at Roots Family Nutrition for answers on tough family food questions!

Vitamin D is made by our own bodies when we are out in the sun. Anyone who has limited daily exposure to the sun is at risk of a low vitamin D level. We know that it is particularly difficult for little bodies to get a lot of sun exposure because we are always slapping on sunscreen. If you want to talk more about getting Vitamin D through the family diet get in touch now!

We are all about finding ways of nourishing your family through real foods. The American Academy of Paediatrics agrees too with their position on multivitamins; “Children receiving a normal, well balanced diet do not need vitamin supplementation”. If you are trying to figure out if your family eats a well balanced diet we can help, get in touch for a full analysis!

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